IP Change – can’t open VM COnsoles?

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I recently changed the IP schema of my network from 192.168.x.x to 172.x.x.x due to addressing conflicts. I’m using this in a home environment for personal use, but I also support remote sites for work and I kept having issues with my home network clashing with work site IPs. Ever since this transition, I am only able to open VM consoles if I log in using the FQDN, but not is I log in via IP.


ESXI old IP –
ESXi new IP –

ESXI FQDN – esxi.kurort (DNS resolution works perfectly and resolves to the new IP)


VM1 old ip –

VM1 new IP –




ESXi and all VMs get their IPs via DHCP using reservations. They pick up the correct IPs, and they are all accessible perfectly fine both via IP and their specific FQDNs.


If I log into ESXi using the IP address (, the little console preview just spins and never loads a screenshot, and VRMC times out and then errors with:
“Failed to connect to Invalid or expired session ticket”


Note that the user account seems to be “stuck” with the old IP as well.


If I log into ESXi using the FQDN (esxi.kurort) I have no problem using the consoles, and both browser and VRMC consoles work fine.


How can this be fixed?


ESXi - 2.PNG

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