Instant Clone refresh works from Replica Connection Server only

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I did my weekly refresh of my instant clone pool and found that after I added a Replica Connection Server (CS) that when pushing the new image from the Primary CS the process creates the necessary replica VM but does not move on to the next step of creating a parent-vm. It is then stuck in a ‘Published’ state with the ‘Push Image’ operation still running. From the Primary CS, from which I initiated the push, I do not have the option to cancel or reschedule the push, they are grayed out. Logging into the Replica CS I have the option to cancel or reschedule.


After cancelling and pushing from the Replica, everything spun up without issue. I am running Horizon 7.10.2.


This is week two of this and now the old template-replica-parent images are not deleting but the new snapshot is able to deploy. It seems unrelated, but I thought it should be mentioned.


Has anyone ran into something like this?

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