InstallBuilder autoupdate: use Maven Central Repository URL as download location

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Dear all,

We have moved the AutoUpdate executable files to the Maven Central Repository.

Our update.xml file looks correct (attached).

When the AutoUpdate is launched, it detects a new version available, but then it gives an error downloading the file, it tries 3 times and it fails, even if that location is reachable from that computer.

What can be the problem? How can we get more information about the error? In the log files only a generic “Error downloading update. Retrying (1/3)” is reported.

If it can help you, attached you can find the error dump, generated running the AutoUpdate from command line with the command: $ ./ –debugtrace output.txt

Many thanks,


<installerInformation> <versionId>202009271512</versionId> <version>3.26.18</version> <platformFileList> <platformFile> <filename>collect-updater-2-3.26.18-windows.exe</filename> <platform>windows</platform> </platformFile> <platformFile> <filename>collect-updater-2-3.26.18-windows.exe</filename> <platform>windows-x64</platform> </platformFile> <platformFile> <filename></filename> <platform>linux</platform> </platformFile> <platformFile> <filename></filename> <platform>linux-x64</platform> </platformFile> <platformFile> <filename>collect-updater-2-3.26.18-osx.dmg</filename> <platform>osx</platform> </platformFile> </platformFileList> <downloadLocationList> <downloadLocation> <url></url> </downloadLocation> </downloadLocationList></installerInformation>

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