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Hi all,


I’d like to get some advice regarding infrastructure design. My company is thinking moving onto ESXi environment from Xen and I am currently drawing a infrastructure design but would like to get some advice. I have drawn the following diagram that shows a physical connection between two data centres.



My idea is:


  1. VMs should be able to get live migrated if required. This includes internet connectivity. For example, a VM running on ESXi1 in DC A has public IP address. And if it moves to DC B, I don’t need to change its IP address at all and internet connectivity should still work.
  2. A separate network for VM migration and VM storage (Red – 10G). All other traffics, e.g. private network traffic between VMs, cluster traffic between ESXi hosts use different network (Green – not 10G).
  3. VMs can be distributed on both data centres’ ESXi hosts but their disks are all in one storage (Storage 1) and each VMs backup is stored into other data centre storage (Storage 2) or the whole storage itself is replicated.


I was thinking those three things as main factors so far. My question is:


  1. Assuming that all routing is sorted, will the above diagram work? I’ve tested with other product (Proxmox) internally (not on DC) and confirmed the concept is working. So, I guess it would in VMware as well?
  2. If this is going to work, should I make a single cluster across the data centres? If not, any recommendations? My previous test with Proxmox used one cluster.
  3. I am a bit worrying about #2 from my idea. Will the green segment be okay for all other traffics without saturating it? I am thinking of using 1G.
  4. Regarding #3 in my idea, if I am going to use ZFS as a storage, what would be better for backup? Just use individual VM backup on other storage (I guess it doesn’t need to be ZFS) or ZFS replication? Of course, minimal downtime is better when disaster happens but it doesn’t need to be must. Also, I guess using iSCSI over ZFS is recommended if ZFS is used?


Apologies for poor English. Hope I explained okay. If I could get any advice, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.



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