If update manager is not installed (or is broken) on my Windows vcenter environment (version 6.5.0), will migrating to VCSA 7.0 fix the issue?

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I am attempting to migrate to VCSA 7.0 from a Windows vCenter running on 6.5.  I have not been able to get Update Manager working on this windows environment, although I do believe it had been working (in the distant past), but that was while vCenter was running on version 6.0.
I was of the belief that migrating to VCSA 7.0, would be the magic bullet that would not only get me on the appliance, but also get me on a new version of vCenter AND resolve my Update Manager issues.  Instead, the Migration Assistant is throwing an error during the prechecks and will not allow me to proceed.  The error is as follows.

Error: Migration Assistant is not running on Update Manager host machine <servername>.

Resolution: The Update Manager installed on <servername> will be upgraded as part of the vCenter Server upgrade process and will be migrated on the new vCenter Server Appliance. Run Migration Assistant on Update Manager host machine <servername>, and keep the migration assistant window open until the (vCenter Server) migration process completes.

Since I’m not able to proceed without resolving this, I logged onto <servername> and started the Migration Assistant, and started the Migration Assistant afresh on the vCenter server, but I got the same error.

Should I assume I must resolve my Update Manager issue before I’m allowed to migrate?

Is there some way around spending time on resolving an issue on a version that I’m leaving behind?


Thank you much, in advance, for any assistance you might offer to me.

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