I want to merge or consolidate my multiple datastores to fewer datastores. Is it possible?

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Hi everyone.


I cannot locate the KB for my problem which I have mentioned in the short description.

I have vSphere 6.0 and Windows vCenter running on my environment with about 73 VMs and 59 datastores. Pretty much 1 Datastore for every VM.

For storage, we use Cisco Hyperflex (4 nodes). Cisco advises to create 1 datastore per node and as per them we should have had maximum 4 nodes on the storage cluster.


Due to over-exhaustion of the number of datastores, I cannot create new datastores or expand my existing datastores as Cisco HX software (Used for Datastore Management) could not handle the datastore number anymore. This was confirmed by Cisco’s Senior Support and they are asking to consolidate datastores on vSphere from 59 to below 10.

Note: I know 59 is way too much of an overkill – but this was set up by someone else in the beginning and now the environment is in production and can’t recreate everything.


How do I combine/merge the datastores on vSphere 6.0? Will there be downtime to the VMs during consolidation of datastores? Can you guide me to an article or KB referencing this?

Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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