I need some advice and recommendations on how I should process with my build.

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I have not figured out which version of vmware I’m going to use. But lean towards VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit, just because of the setup am I going to use. I have 3 host with 2 CPU and 16TB of HD space on each one 2 of the host will be at our main building and the last host at a DR site. Can I start my build with the first 2 host get them up and running with Vcenter  and then add the 3rd host later make it a stretch cluster between two different subnets? ” at the main and at the DR site. Should I share all 3 host storage or make them each host have it’s owe storage unit? Lastly, is the replication software that come with the VMware any good or should I use Nakivo backup and replication. I appreciate and advice I can get. Thank you.

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