I have passed VCAP-DCV Deploy 3v0-21.18

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I have 8 years of VMware experience. In April this year, I plan to take the EXAM of VCAP. In June, I completed the exam of VCAP-Design.


VCAP-DCV Deploy Examination Experience:


2020/07/29 Failed the first exam


Before that, I had completed a lot of study and work. The test environment was based on vSphere 6.7, so many details may be good. When I saw the exam topics, I was a little confused and had many questions, such as QOS and Lun MASK, which were rarely used.

It also made me realize my shortcomings.


Prior to this, I completed the online lab provided by the user, which is a great lab, the lab is in Brazil (time zone UTC-3), pay attention to the time conversion, you can reserve it for $15.

Tip: You need a paypal account.



2020/09/15 The second exam, pass


Based on the first failure, I quickly realized my knowledge blind spot.

At the same time, I built my own vSphere 6.5 test platform in the nested environment, completing the construction of many functions.

With all 17 questions completed, the test evaluation feels like a script grading, so pay attention and do as much as you can on each item of each question.



That night I received the test result of 371/500, and I passed, but with a lower score than I had expected.


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VMware VCAP-DCV Deploy 3V0-21.18考试提示 – 小岑博客


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