HyperV VM Conversion Issues

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Hey all,


So I’m having a slight issue that I’ve not seen or experienced before with the converter tool.

I’ve made sure I’ve disabled UAC and made the appropriate GPO and updated the host file to make sure there’s no DNS issues.

I’m using local Administrator account on the HyperV Host and the administrator@vsphere.local for the vCenter cluster.


A little more info on the topology



2019 HyperV Cluster using CSV storage



Esxi 7.0d and vCenter Server 7.0b


Essentially I can create the job OK and it creates the VM on the VMware and then sits at 1% for around ~5mins and then fails with a “A file I/O error occurred while accessing”


I can SMB to the HyperV host and then into the Clustered CSV folder and copy the VM’s VHD at around 800MBps from the server with vCenter Converter installed on it..


I just can’t put my finger on the issue.

Thanks again


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