HP DL380 Gen10 4114 1P and esx 5.1

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I try to install esx 5.1 on a HP DL380 Gen10 4114 1P but my usb device (keyboard and mouse) are not reconized during the installation.


When i check in the compatibility guid my sever is not listed.


I try to download the version 5.1.3 or 5.5 u3b but in not possible:


Vous n’êtes pas autorisé à télécharger ce produit ou ne disposez pas des droits nécessaires.

Vérifiez auprès du superutilisateur, du contact du compte éligible ou de l’administrateur My VMware.


My licences are:

  • vcenter server 5 fondation for vsphere up to 3 hosts (per instance)- vcs5-fnd-c- Quantity 1
  • vspere 5 Std for 1 processor – vs5-std-c – Quantity 2


Could you please give some help?


Thanks a lot

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