How to upload plugin to cloud director and access log insight

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We are two student interns that are trying to upload a plugin for wmware cloud director and got stuck.


We are using this code: GitHub – vmware-samples/vcd-ext-samples at developer-container/9.7-10.0

We have tried to use plugin-manager to upload but without luck.


When we run ng build there should be a zip-file but there is not.


We are not able to fully upload our plugin to our cloud director. We see it under “customize portal” but are not able to get it shown in the plugins dropdown so that we can open and show the page (the plugin is enabled). Is it possible to get a step by step on how to upload a plugin? Maybe our zip-file is not right?


Our plugin is about accessing log insight api to show specific data from there. Here we also have a problem to get a session through localhost, we are however able to get it through postman.

The message says that we are blocked by CORS policy (we are using Chrome). Any ideas what to do here?

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