how to shutdown the host OS when the guest OS is shut down by user?

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I have  made a workstation Pro 15.5 installation. My guest is win7 professional 32 bit and the host is win7 ultimate embedded 64 bit.

The enduser has nothing to do with the host and he uses a single GUI  application which runs on the guest OS.


So I have setup the KVM mode and directly starting the vmware-kvm.exe file through host startup and the user feels like working on single OS(similar to exclusive mode)

without workstaion tool bar.


Now the problem is , while closing the day,  the end user has to shut down the guest  and they reach the host OS desktop  where they again have to shutdown the host.

Is there a way  where we can hook the shutdown of the host OS  while shutting down the guest?


(Note:I have configured  a toggle key combo  to switch between guest and host which I dont want to reveal to the enduser but it is only meant for maintenance team)

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