How to Set Goal of Life-[No Goals No Success! Must Read]

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How to set Goal in life and Why it is important to set Goal. What is the change comes in life by setting Goal. Today you will get the answer to every question.


Have you ever traveled When you travel somewhere, you have to take a ticket to where you have to go. If you go to the ticket counter and the ticket receptionist asks you where you want to go and you will say “nowhere”, will you be able to go anywhere?


Similarly, if we want to get something in our life or to reach a destination, then we must first set up a goal of our life.


Why It is Important to Set a Goal in Life:


Have you ever got a house built? Or ever seen a house being built? When we build a house, complete planning has to be done to get it built. If we do not do planning, then the structure of the house will become crooked.


The same thing applies to life too. If we do not plan about our life or do not set Goal, then our life will also become like a house without a proper structure. When we set goals in life, we know where we have to reach after a certain time and what we have to face to get there.


Psychology also says that people who have goals in their lives have the great enthusiasm in their lives and they are also more intelligent. People who have no goal in life, their lives are very boring and tasteless, they do not have any happiness in their lives and they always complain about their lives and blame others or their luck.


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