How to Set Goal of Life-[No Goals No Success! Must Read]

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How to set Goal in life and Why it is important to set Goal. What is the change comes in life by setting Goal. Today you will get the answer to every question.


Have you ever traveled When you travel somewhere, you have to take a ticket to where you have to go. If you go to the ticket counter and the ticket receptionist asks you where you want to go and you will say “nowhere”, will you be able to go anywhere?


Similarly, if we want to get something in our life or to reach a destination, then we must first set up a goal of our life.


What is Goal?


Before setting the goal, let us know what the goal means. A goal is a predetermined task that a person tries to complete within a certain time frame. Different people set different goals in their life according to their wish, for example, if someone wants to become a cricketer, a singer a dancer or an artist.


Why It is Important to Set a Goal in Life:



Have you ever got a house built? Or ever seen a house being built? When we build a house, complete planning has to be done to get it built. If we do not do planning, then the structure of the house will become crooked.


The same thing applies to life too. If we do not plan about our life or do not set Goal, then our life will also become like a house without a proper structure. When we set goals in life, we know where we have to reach after a certain time and what we have to face to get there.


Psychology also says that people who have goals in their lives have the great enthusiasm in their lives and they are also more intelligent. People who have no goal in life, their lives are very boring and tasteless, they do not have any happiness in their lives and they always complain about their lives and blame others or their luck.


What to Do While Setting a Goal:


Friends, when we build a house, we plan everything where the bedroom should be, where should the kitchen be and in this way we prepare a complete map of the house and then decide how to decorate it. Similarly, while setting goals in our life, we also have to think a lot about various things. Let’s see how we should set goals in our life.


Ask yourself some questions:


It is necessary to have a conversation with yourself before setting a goal. In this conversation, you have to ask yourself some questions such as what is the thing that you want to achieve within a set time period. And how long will it take to get that thing and what strategy has to be made, what challenges will come and how to deal with them. All these questions we have to ask ourselves before setting goals.


Create a road map:


The roadmap tells you what you need to do to reach a defined goal and what things you have to face. And you will also have to make a backup plan and if one of your plans fails, then you can switch to another plan. The roadmap will guide you to reach your goal. To create a roadmap, you can take help of someone who has already achieved the goal you want to achieve.


That person will tell you what the person did and what the challenges came to meet that goal and how he / she achieved that goal and you can also make your roadmap by following the same path. You can also take help of internet to create a roadmap.


Create weekly targets:


Small goals help you to reach big goals. If you make small weekly goals, then you will be able to achieve your big goals easily by the prescribed time period. And by setting goals every week, also make sure to observe your performance, for this you can take the help of weekly reports.


Follow the roadmap as much as possible:


The more you follow the roadmap, the greater your chances of being successful. To follow the roadmap successfully, you will have to put your 100% and this will be your biggest test.


Check your performance regularly:


Merely creating a road map and setting targets is not enough. We also have to observe and analyze the work we are doing regularly, which we can do by creating weekly reports. By making weekly reports, we can see if we are following the roadmap and if not, where there is a shortage, how can that deficiency be removed?


Celebrate your Little Achievements:


You can celebrate your small successes, such as giving a treat or a small party to yourself or family or to a best friend. By doing all this, you thicken yourself to achieve more and other people also thicken you.


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