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I have powershell version 4.0 and Power CLI version 6.5 Release build 4624819. If I run one line command like  “Get-VMHostNetwork -VMHost $esx | Set-VMHostNetwork -DomainName $domainname -DNSAddress $dnspri , $dnsalt -Confirm:$false” it runs ok. But I have to make few change for 100+ servers so I have created below script. But, problem is PowerCLI is not understand the EACH loop or variables. Even if I put some variable in PowerCLI like $Test = I am Arif then , it does not understand what is $Test. I then imported Vmware.PowerCLI module to powershell and same problem there. Can someone pls help me urgently.


# PowerCLI Script to Configure DNS and NTP on ESXi Hosts

# PowerCLI Session must be connected to vCenter Server using Connect-VIServer.


# Prompt for Primary and Alternate DNS Servers

$dnspri =

$dnsalt =


# Prompt for Domain

$domainname =


#Prompt for NTP Servers

$ntpone = NTP.ABC.COM

$ntptwo =

$ntpthree =


$esxHosts =


foreach ($esx in $esxHosts) {


   Write-Host “Configuring DNS and Domain Name on $esx” -ForegroundColor Green

   Get-VMHostNetwork -VMHost $esx | Set-VMHostNetwork -DomainName $domainname -DNSAddress $dnspri , $dnsalt -Confirm:$false



   Write-Host “Configuring NTP Servers on $esx” -ForegroundColor Green

   Add-VMHostNTPServer -NtpServer $ntpone , $ntptwo, $ntpthree -VMHost $esx -Confirm:$false


   Writ-Host “Setting up SearchDomain Name”

   Get-VMHost $esx |Get-VMHostNetwork |Set-VMHostNetwork -SearchDomain “”


   Write-Host “Configuring NTP Client Policy on $esx” -ForegroundColor Green

   Get-VMHostService -VMHost $esx | where{$_.Key -eq “ntpd”} | Set-VMHostService -policy “on” -Confirm:$false


   Write-Host “Restarting NTP Client on $esx” -ForegroundColor Green

   Get-VMHostService -VMHost $esx | where{$_.Key -eq “ntpd”} | Restart-VMHostService -Confirm:$false



Write-Host “Done!” -ForegroundColor Green

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