How to reset the NSX l2vpn edge standalone appliance password

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ProblemI was working to an infrastructure deployed by someone else, and I needed to get into the “NSX l2vpn edge” standalone appliance to check some information without having to change the settings. As can be seen from the image below, the user appears to be also locked due to 9 failed logins attempts.

Let’s covering the process down here in detail, step by step, with screenshots. Disclaimer: Some of the procedures described below is not officially supported by VMware. Use it at your own risk.

SolutionThe fastest way I found to access the NSX l2vpn Edge Appliance and reset the password, is to start the VM from a CDROM with a Linux live CD. First of all, we turn off the VM and take a cold snapshot.

after that we connect to the appliance the Linux live CD (in my case I used lubuntu)

and we boot the appliance selecting the CD-ROM Drive options

Start linux in live mode (without installing anything), and once started open a Terminal and …. lubuntu@lubuntu:~$ sudo suroot@lubuntu:~# fdisk -l

as we can see from the below picture, we have disk /dev/sda with four partitions

The partition that interests us is the /dev/sda1 … root@lubuntu:~# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/root@lubuntu:~# chroot /mnt/bash-4.3# passwd adminThen, need to provide a new password

If everything went fine, the message password update successfully should be appear. Repeat the same command to reset the password of the user “enable“, and if the password was successfully reset, reboot the NSX l2vpn edge appliance. When the appliance is up and running, try to get into providing the admin username and password ….

That’s it.

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