How to remove Virtual Switch After Migrating All Hosts and VMs to a Dswitch

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Vmware vsphere 6.7  ESXI 6.5


I just with the help of you guys setup my first Dswitch.


I migrated all VMs and host to the new Dswitch I called Management and the Port named Primary


Now when I look at my Hosts I see a Distributed Switch listed


The old Virtual Switches are still there and show no network adapters assigned.


But I am unable to remove the virtual switches


When I go to my DataCenter and select Networks I see the old networks listed   VM Network and VM Network HA


They both show all the Hosts still listed and the VM Network shows 3 of my 7 VM’s listed,


Even tho I migrated all them to the DSwitch


Any ideas on how I can remove the virtual switches?  My thoughts are I can not remove them until I get all the hosts and VM off   but how do I do that


They all show on the Distributed Switch and Port



Thank yoy



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