How to remove Hard Disk that not longer exists?

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I had 2 Disks installed. I ended up filling the physical drive. So the VM wouldn’t boot. In VM Settings it didn’t give me the option to Remove Hard Disk 2 (grayed out). So, I deleted the .vmdk for Disk 2 from the full physical drivce (yes I should not have done that), but it didn’t have anything important on it. Now of course the VM won’t boot. I get File not found:. In the past I’ve gone in and carefully edited the .vmx and it usually works to delete Disk 2. But all have have in that file is encryption pairs… I’m using Workstation 16. VM is ESXi 7 compatible. Access Control is Encrypted.


Any ideas on getting this VM working again? Or at least the important information off of Disk 1?



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