How to mount CD-ROM of a Deployed VM with an iso image from Command Line

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I have the following requirement.


1. I need to deploy a VM from scratch with an ovf and vmdk file. I figured i could do this using the ovftool. If there is any other alternative, please let me know. Is there a way to deploy just using the VMDK file and then specify the HW requirements from command line itself. ?


2. After deployment, i need to load/mount the CD-ROM of the VM with an ‘.iso’ image. I cannot give iso file details in the ovf file. So i have to do this after deployment. This would be a bootable file which will get picked up when VM reloads. It contains network configuration for the VM. I need to do this from a linux based command line. Is there anyway to do this perhaps from the vim-cmd tool within the ESXi host.


Please help !!




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