How to force set Input Audio Device?

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I have Win 10 as host machine running Player and another Win 10 machine as virtual.

Host machine has:

– souncard on the motherboard

– Webcam connected through USB

– Logitech wireless headset connected through USB


What I would like to achieve is to:

– play all the sounds coming from host machine through its sound card

– play all the sounds coming from virtual machine through logitech headset


The thing is:

– when I use logitech headset as Connected (Disconnected from the host), it gives me lots of distortion (mostly). Perhaps there is some solution for removing the distortion? (this was the case even years ago for me) .It doesn’t matter all other removable devices are disconnected.


So I am using it having Logitech headset Disconnected on virtual (among removable devices), and having only SoundCard Connected in the Settings.

With this approach everything works perfectly for the Output sounds. Even when Logitech Headset is set as default Input device (again player settings), somehow, Player doesn’t allow any Input device settings and uses mostly my webcam, which I only want to be used for video, not for audio Input.


When I set default audio OUTPUT device on my host for the headset, it will be then used for the input se well in the virtual.


So the question is, how to force set the input device in the Player, please?

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