How to downgrade license from 7.0 to 6.5?

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I was having issues with 6.5 and rather than reinstalling, I stupidly upgraded to 7.0, which doesn’t see much of the server’s hardware, including the drive it’s installed on as a datastore, even though under 6.5 it did.  My fault, I know.  I have now downloaded 6.5 and reinstalled it over 7.0 and it sees the hardware and datastore… but for some reason, I can’t even see the 7.0 license, which I’m sure doesn’t work for 6.5 anyway,.. but if doing the upgrade changed the license key to 7… how do I downgrade it to 6.5?  And if I don’t need to downgrade it, but use my previous 6.5 license… how do I even get that back since when I click on anything that should point to my licenses the site just gives me an error and says that page isn’t available.




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