How to configure vsphere network interfaces

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I’m new to Vmware, just configured ESXi 7 essentials with Vcenter on this host, host have four 1Gb/s NICs and I don’t know what are best practices for network configuration. On this host will be installed 4 to 5 VM, one of them will be “network resources hungry” because this will be VM with Veeam Backup and Replication which will be connected using ISCSI to QNAP using the same switch betweem them.



My management and server vlan are on the same network, so how should I configure my network interfaces?
NIC0 – management only and vCenter
NIC1 and NIC2 – set both as active and assign to VM with Veeam (should I set here LACP interface bonding)?
NIC3 – for the rest VM


could you give me any advices?

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