How to apply your VMUG Advantage EVALExperience vSphere 7 license keys to your home lab

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This article and video assume you’ve already installed vSphere 7 in your home lab, and you are now seeking a little guidance on exactly how to go about applying your license keys during the 60 day evaluation period, without any interruption in running your (non-production) workloads.

If you’re wondering a bit about where to get the license keys, this previous TinkerTry article gets into that:


It doesn’t really matter whether you have obtained your legitimate license keys from

  1. My VMware
  2. earned membership in VMware vExpert Program
  3. purchased from VMUG Advantage using your 10% off TINKERTRY discount code

you’ve come to the right place for a close look at exactly how to go about applying those license keys to your VCSA appliance (vCenter) and your ESXi host(s) quickly and easily, step by step video below.

Step-by-step video

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