How to add a Hard disk drive direct to VM on ESXi?

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Hi guys,

I installed ESXi 7.0U1 on Dell R630 server. My hardware:

– CPU E5 2680 v4 (2 CPUs)

– RAM 128 GB DDR4 2400 MHz ECC Reg (16 GB x8)

– SSD 240GB x2 (RAID 1) for ESXi installing

– SSD 960GB x5 (RAID5 +1 Spare) for Datastorage (all VMs are location here)

– HDD 2 TB stand alone (non RAID)

Now I create one VMware 03 and I want to add HDD 2 TB stand alone direct to this VM.

Purpose: backup data from VM to this hard disk, if server have any issue, I will connect this hard disk to other PC to take backup files

Could you please show me how to do this?


# I have an option to connect this HDD direct to VM via USB connect, but I still want to connect it via SATA interface if it possible.


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