How is your marketing team posting to social media on Workspace One?

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We have recently deployed Workspace One.

One of the main goals is to containerize enterprise data on mobile devices.

We only allow enterprise data to be shared between enterprise apps.


We have a question about Marketing workflows.

In order to post on social media platforms such as Instragram, which works best via the mobile app,

marketing staff would email content photos to themselves for access on their mobile devices.


Since we are using the Boxer app and only allowing the sharing of data between other enterprise apps,

the only way marketing staff would be able to use the photos is if we make social media apps enterprise managed as well.

Our concern with that is it creates an additional potential window for enterprise data to be uploaded onto social media platforms if users are not careful (or do it intentionally).


Would like to see how you may be dealing with these marketing workflows on your Workspace One platform.



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