Host upgrade to Windows 10 2004 and loss of host only and NAT networking after suspend or hibernate

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I have upgraded my host from Windows 1909 to 2004 and now I have noticed that when my host OS suspends or I hibernate it then I am no longer able to communicate with any of the guest VMs.


The guest VMs when on NAT can still ping the .2 NAT IP and can access the internet.


If I change to bridged networking then shutdown the interface and bring it back up again with an IP on that network I can ping the local network.


The host is Windows 10 2004, and the guest are RHEL 7.8, Windows and Debian images all have the same problem.


I have tried doing a complete uninstall of Workstation 15.5.6, and just upgraded to Workstation 16 just in case it is fixed it but it hasn’t.


The only thing that has changed was the upgrade of the Host to 2004, and I have foolishly removed the 1909 backup so I can’t go back.


Any suggestions on what I could do other than a full re-install of Windows for the host which I would rather not do.

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