Host-Affinity during VM Creation

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We are currently looking into purchasing VCF in a stretched setup to replace our current HCI Solution from another vendor.

A lot of our applications are already redundant and have no need to be stretched over two locations, which seems to be rather easy to setup with Storage Policies, so that is a no issue for us.


Our biggest concern is that there seems to be no good way to properly place VMs in their correct sight without jumping through hops with:


– Creating the VM with the correct Storage Policy

– Add VM manually to VM-Host Group


I really can’t see how it’s acceptable for a product to not have implemented any kind of VM Policy to solve this issue, nor why a VM with PFTT=0 and SiteAffinity is not following the storage placement.


Either I’m dumb and I just can’t find it in all the menus or else this featuring is lacking which is a major issue when looking at the product.


Any tips on our concern and perhaps any upcoming enhancments regarding this?


Kind Regards.

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