Horizon Win10 logon black screen delay

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I’m building a 1909 Win 10 gold image vm and i’m running into an issue of a black screen delay when windows begins to login.



Horizon 7.10

DEM 7.11


1.  Hosts are using physical Nvidia GPUs.

2.  Ran the OSOT allowing Windows updates along with a couple apps (calculator etc.)  Everything else is pretty much default using the Windows 10 1909-2004 template.

3.  I’m currently running an earlier build in production, during logon, all i see is waiting with a delayed spinning circle, which eventually goes to Preparing Desktop (circle runs smoother in this stage) followed by an immediate Windows desktop.  In the current 1909 build that i’m getting prepared for production, it goes through at logon with applying vmware dem, gpos etc displayed on the screen, once thats complete it goes to preparing for a few seconds and goes to a solid black screen that is delayed by like 15 seconds…  it also seems that the startup apps take longer to start in this build post optimizations as well.  Has anyone experienced this?

4.  Lastly, everything else is great other than the dreaded start menu click delaying for 3 seconds or so , sometimes its immediate, but most times there is a noticable delay with the start button as well as Windows search.  Is there anything that addresses this outside of the OSOT that i’m missing?


Thanks for any insight!

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