Horizon VMWare client on Ubuntu 20.04 not working

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My organization recently migrated our HVD clients from citrix to horizon vmware. I have a ubuntu linux based PC at home that i use to normally access my HVD. Citrix access was working very stable. With horizon, I am not able to successfully use my HVD. I have “VMware-Horizon-Client-2006-8.0.0-16522670.x64.bundle” installed on my ubuntu 20.04 distribution. after initial install, the scan function showed 3 libraries missing. on googling around, I found this was a common issue and i ran the suggested “ln” commands to link the libraries being looked for with those that were available. that error went away after that.


Once all installed, I tried to access my HVD. Here is the behavior i see  – when i log in, the horizon client does take over my screen for about 1 second and it looks like the HVD will become available, but then that window vanishes and i land back on the “VMware Horizon Client” window with my HVD showing as an icon in that window. if I click on the HVD icon to stat it, the same behavior is now repeated.


I have attached log files if anyone wants to go over them in details. here is what I see in the VMWare Horizon Client log:

2020-08-31 19:10:58.944-04:00: vmware-view 4484| cdk_pcoip_desktop_on_connection_state_changed: RemoteMKS connection failed.


Here is what i see in the VMWare crtbora.log:

2020-08-31T19:10:57.337-04:00| crtbora| I006: CUIMKS: cui::MKS::OnConnectedChanged (55AD28011430)

2020-08-31T19:10:57.337-04:00| crtbora| I005: SetConnectionState: MKS connection state changes from -1 to 2.

2020-08-31T19:10:57.337-04:00| crtbora| I005: OnConnectionStateChanged:2295: Entry

2020-08-31T19:10:57.337-04:00| crtbora| I005: GetConnectionStateReason(): remote mks did not set a disconnect reason code, so assuming it crashed.

2020-08-31T19:10:57.337-04:00| crtbora| I005: OnConnectionStateChanged:2335: Exit


Any help will be appreciated, thanks for looking.

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