Horizon View 8 (2006) – Snapshots

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After I create an instant clone pool, I am no longer able to create snapshots on the parent virtual machine.  I receive the error in VCenter: “


An error occurred while taking a snapshot: A digest operation has failed.”.  If I copy the parent VM (while Horizon is still using it as a parent), I get the same error when I create a snapshot on the copy.


The only thing I have found that I can do is kick everyone out of the pool, delete the pool, then create the snapshot, then recreate the pool.  Kinda rough on high availability.


I thought it might be related to replication as the parent VM is replicated, so I ended replication on it the last time I had deleted the pool and deleted all snapshots.  Still had the problem after creating the instant clone pool.

I don’t have this problem with any other VM when taking snapshots.  I was running Horizon 7.12 on ESXi 6.7 until about a month ago and never experienced this issue.


VCenter is 7, build 16749670

ESXi hosts are version 7 with no updates available

Has anyone else experienced this?

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