Horizon key mapping makes key strokes behave differently in some applications, from macOS to Windows

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To contextualize the issue we’re having, we work on iMacs running Windows on Horizon.


So we’ve been trying to know why some software didn’t behave as expected, Rhino for example, as having “Alt” pressed should do X usually.


However, if you run Windows on Horizon using a mac and activate the key mapping setting in preferences, suddenly the “Option” key (which is mapped as “Alt” by default) and the “Alt” key itself on another keyboard doesn’t behave as intended. (usual letters do work though)


It really feels like the mapping preference makes key strokes act on “KeyUp” instead of “KeyDown”, which makes holding down a key not feasible.


In short, my question is:

Is it possible to make key strokes act on “KeyDown” instead of “KeyUp” while using the key mapping setting on Horizon?


Thanks a lot for your time!

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