Horizon fails to provision successfully on NSX-T segments

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We’re using Horizon 7.12 and NSX-T 2.5.0


Building instant clone pools on NSX-T segments. With the network selected for the pool . from the parent image.


On building the pool a number of the VMs appear not to connect to the network correctly.




vSphere VM object shows the NIC connected, disconnecting and reconnecting this makes no difference to the problem.

Guest OS shows ‘Media Disconnected’ in Windows 10.

Resetting the machines from View will sometimes fix this issue, sometimes it won’t.


NSX-T shows the ports as operational state down!? If you admin down the ports for 30 seconds or more and then admin up the ports. The machines connect to the network and operational status goes green. View then blows them away again, obviously, they are instant clones, and they come back up broken again.


Seems entirely unreliable.


Anyone seen this?



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