Horizon Client Remote Desktop freezes or very slow while accessing through windows RDP

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The user connects to his office windows PC (PC-1)  through windows RDP from his laptop (PC-2) at home, and then the user connect to customer PC (PC-3) using Horizon Client from Office PC. In this scenario the connection to PC-3 is very slow, mouse cursor jumps and hangs frequently, but connection from PC-1 to PC-2 is fine. But if the user directly work from PC-2 console, ie. from office, the horizon connection to PC-3 work fine without any issues.


The scenario is as below: (All systems are windows 10)


PC-1 at Home  —–(SSL VPN and RDP)—–>PC-2 at Office—–(Internet and Horizon Client)—–>PC3 at Customer site


a) Very slow/ freezes and mouse cursor hang while accessing PC-3 from PC-1

b) Good performance while accessing PC-3 from PC-2

c) Good performance while accessing PC-2 from PC-1


When tested there are no bandwidth/latency issues in between these three systems.


So, Is there any possible known issues if we connect to a remote windows system using windows RDP, and from that system we use horizon client to access another remote system?

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