Horizon 8 Keyboard Layout

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I have a new issue since I have migrated to Horizon 8

I’m running a manual pool Redhat 7.7 desktops configured with french keyboard and i’m unable to map the client layout to the virtual desktops.


The system and the X Server are configured to use a french keyboard

[root@fr-vmx00212 ~]# XAUTHORITY=/var/run/lightdm/root/:0 DISPLAY=:0 setxkbmap -query

rules: evdev

model: pc105

layout:     fr


But the Horizon Agent start its own X Server with its own settings

root 2400  2355  0 12:35 ? 00:00:00 Xorg :100 -auth /var/vmware/viewagent/xauth/.xauth:100 -once -query -config /usr/lib/vmware/viewagent/resources/X11/xorg.conf -seat seat-vmwfake -keeptty


And the Horizon Agent do not use the system settings

[root@fr-vmx00212 ~]# XAUTHORITY=/var/vmware/viewagent/xauth/.xauth:100 DISPLAY=:100 setxkbmap -query

rules: evdev

model: pc105

layout:     us


I don’t have this issue with Horizon 7.9

Has anyone ever experienced this problem on Horizon 8?

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