Horizon 2006 Published App starts as Full Desktop

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I’m fairly new to Horizon (very long time Citrix person), and seem to be having a couple of issues with using Published / Hosted Apps.


I’m running Horizon 2006 and my hosting VM is Windows Server 2019 running as Server VDI with NVIDIA vGPU. I’m then delivering Hosted Apps from the VM. Pretty basic stuff overall, however I have a couple of issues …


Issue 1: When I use the Horizon Client for iOS (version 2006) on my iPhone and iPad to start a Hosted App, it opens the full VM desktop first, then starts the application. Obviously, the whole point of Hosting an App is so that you don’t access the backend desktop, so this behaviour is unusable to me. As a test on a separate device, if I use the Horizon Client for Windows, then the expected behaviour happens and just the App launches without delivering the backend desktop interface. This is good because it shows that it does work and there’s obviously an issue with the iOS Client somewhere, but I’ve been through all of the obvious settings, and am unable to see any issues or anything else to configure. I read a post where someone said to use the /separate parameter when configuring the App on the Connection Server (they were publishing Windows Explorer, and this parameter resolved their issue), but I’ve tried that and unfortunately it doesn’t resolve my problem.


Issue 2: When I launch a Hosted App using a Horizon Client for Windows, the App launches as expected, however, my local device taskbar and start button are replaced by the ones from the backend VM. Meaning that although I’ve only launched a Hosted App, I can actually restart that Hosted VM from my local start button (?). I know this is not expected behaviour, but again I’m not sure how to prevent it.


If anyone could please offer some suggestions or guidance about how to resolve either or both of those issues, it would be much appreciated.


Many thanks

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