High CPU Usage while copying file. VMs Crashed

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I have a ESXi 5.1 server running 5 Win Server 2008 VM.

I powered off one of the the VMs to copy the VM files (280GB) to another data storage that I mounted from a NAS to backup purpose.


After ~5hours the Windows Servers have crashed due to high CPU.


On the first attached, It is cleared to see that when it started to copying large files, the CPU usage hit the 100% several times.


On the second attached we can see the cpu usage while the files were being copied. A t the beggining of the chart, there was 3 files being copied. In the middle, there was 2 files and at the end just one file.



Have you ever seen such behavior? Is there any thing I should do to avoid it?

Can you please advise?




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