Help Regarding Migration of Horizon Environment

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Long story less long — Guy quit, I inherited his work…here we go…


We have Environment Existing and we are building Environment New, that aside from the hardware and a few hostnames, everything else is the same..vLANS, IPs etc…I am unsure of the best plan of action in regards to migration and would really like some feedback if I’m headed down the right paths.


Option 1: Enhanced Linked Mode the 2 vCenters — Add the New vCenter to Horizon Admin Console — Migrate Golden Image — Spin up new Linked Clones on New Side — vMotion the UAGs / Composer to New Environment / Supporting profile servers over — Remove old vCenter from Horizon Admin Console — Change Forward Facing DNS to Net New.


Option 2: Build Entire Net New Environment — Export Horizon Roles and Settings via CLI from Old Environment — Migrate Golden Image over to Net New — Import Horizon Rules and Settings from CLI — Migrate Supporting Profile Servers over with VMware Fling tool — Respin up Desktops on Net New — Change Forward Facing DNS server to Net New


Is my line of thinking correct here? The reason I don’t know about the Linked Mode is the decision hasn’t been made but my research has been pointing things out regarding its ease of use and ease of Long Distance vMotions. 


I really would appreciate some feedback or corrections

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