HCX Bulk Migration Issue with Random VMs

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Hello all,


We’re utilizing HCX Bulk Migrations to migrate our entire data center from on-prem to VMC. We’ve migrated over 50 servers so far, with mostly excellent results. However, we’ve had two instances where a VM will be stuck in Replicate powered-off virtual machine task for an inordinate period of time(almost 2 hours in two cases). Most servers complete this tasks/phase in less than 5 minutes.

We’ve observed two servers, of identical build(OS, apps installed etc), where one took 2 minutes to complete the Replicate task, while the sister system took 1hour and 50 minutes.


We’re finding no reason for the slow replicate performance on random systems. Additionally, we found no error messages or issues within the HCX logs, which are extremely hard to decipher. There are no indicators of performance issues with HCX appliances, VM hosts, or Bandwidth constraints. It seems these particular VMs just sit grinding for a long time and finally complete.


I am hoping someone has experienced this behavior and has some feedback. All in all, HCX has been a life saver in completing our on-prem to VMC migration during my very short time frame provided by leadership. I can’t speak highly enough about it’s efficacy. I just would like to understand these anomalies in migration.

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