hcmon driver error when installing VMware Workstation

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Hello VMware community,


I’m having great deal of difficulty installing the latest version of VMware Workstation on my machine. During the installation process it removed the older version of VMware workstation, and then threw the hcmon driver error when installing the newer version. I tried running the setup multiple times and each time got the hcmon driver error.


I’ve searched the web of this error and did what other suggested but to no success. I’m throwing in the white towel trying to figure this out on my own and have come to this forum seeking help. Would someone be kind enough to review the attached install logs and help me determine what the issue is and how to resolve it? Much appreciated.


I’ve tried the following with no luck.


– Removed all instances of VMware Thick clients and VMRC from my machine.

– I ran the install file via powershell as admin.

– delete hcmon file from the windowssystem32 directory.

– cleaned up all traces of VMware workstation from the install directory.

– Restarted the system.

– disabled AV


.. I’m at a lost here.

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