HCIBench and VxRAIL vSAN Performance Testing

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We are currently starting vSAN performance testing for our VCF on VxRAIL deployment. We have 12 nodes in the VI domain in an active active configuration. We are playing around with HCIBench for vSAN performance testing but for some reason the tests will run but HCIBench VM freezes and then crashes… but the report is reachable after the VM comes back up. Has anyone else seen this?


Are there any recommended ways to test vSAN performance specific to VCF on VxRAIL? We are migrating about 130 VMs from an old school vBlock that uses VNX`s. Everything is Thick Provisioned. As we dont know exactly what kinds of storage performance perimeters to use for all 130 VMs… we were thinking of going with a default RAID6 policy for everything and then move performance sensitive VMs to RAID 1 or 5 afterwards.


Time is a constraint here, as the vBlock is end of service end of support in about a month. We will be using HCX Advanced for the migrations.


Here are the numbers I have estimated for the workloads to be migrated and the future workloads when it comes to storage capacity. Many of these VMs will be 4K / General Purpose. Some MySQL DB`s as well:

Migration Requirement Capacity:
VM Raw Storage Requirements = 21,675GB
VM Swap = 2,599GB
Total = 24,274



Growth Capacity:



VM Raw Storage Growth = 9,000GB
VM Swap Growth = 480GB



Total   = 9,480



  Total: 33,754 GB VM Raw Capacity Requirements


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