Having trouble with older USB HID devices – 16″ MBP, Catalina, Big Sur, Fusion 11.5 & 12

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Sorry if this is somewhat long-winded and vague. I’m trying to figure out where to even look for answers here, but I can not get some older HID devices to connect to a Windows VM (Win7 Pro 32bit).  Specifically older URC programmable remotes like the MX-900.  All other USB devices work just fine, hubs, flash drives, mice, etc..  I have added lines to the .vmx config file to connect generic USB and to allow HID and all that. 


Everything was working perfect on a 15″ MacBook Pro running OS X 10.14. Running Fusion 10… Thunderbolt 3 ports were not an issue, provided the right cable/ adapter.  I upgraded to a new 16″ MBP and I upgraded to Fusion 11.5 whatever at some point over the past several months.  Everything was working fine, but I’m not sure when these HID device remotes became an issue.  Did not need to program one until now…  Running a VM of Windows 7 32bit and like I said, everything works perfectly except older non-specific HIDs.


Not sure if there’s a problem with the new MacBook Pro in that it has improved security/ USB restrictions.  Not sure if it’s newer OS X revisions, namely 10.15 Catalina. Not sure if something has changed with Fusion in recent updates.  For grins, I tried Fusion 12 on my iMac Pro running OS X 11 Big Sur beta 6.  And once again just now after upgrading to Beta 7.  Everything works great, except these old devices.  ..Some graphics performance issues with Fusion 12, but I see a couple other threads on that.


This is a very difficult problem to diagnose.  These remote control units do not show in the hardware list in OS X system profiler when connected. They never did when working properly.  But Windows would pick them up and connect just fine.  Just not now with the latest hardware and software combination. 


If anyone has any idea where I could start diagnosing this.  On the OS X side of things, these devices never show in profiler or when going to the command line to print a device list.  And while they have worked for years, now my Windows VMs can’t see them.  I’m doubting it’s the hardware, as I’m pretty sure I’ve programmed them from the iMac Pro, which now is not seeing them.  So I’m thinking it may be possibly an OS X issue.  Maybe an issue with newer versions of Fusion.  I suppose I’ll have to go set up a system with Fusion 10 that works and then upgrade to 11 and see if it breaks.


Anyone else having a similar issue?  Probably not…  Most people who still deal with these old remotes are using older systems for that.  Which I had to just do.  Spent half a day pulling my hair out over this and then had to drag out an old Dell laptop with Win7 to do actual work. 

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