Has anyone successfully used the API to send push notifications to OSX?

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I have raised a support ticket for this but response is a little slow so I thought I’d ask here too.


I can successfully send a message to my Android device :

(Set $USER to username:password and $KEY to aw-tenant-code:KEYVALUE)

curl -u ${USER} ‘https://as556.awmdm.com/API/mdm/devices/messages/bulkpush?searchby=udid‘ -H $KEY -H Content-Type:application/json -d ‘{“MessageBody”:”Hello”,”BulkValues”:{“value”:[“95b7ef4d63dbe8efc2191372ee3ce46b2cba47d7″]},”Application”:”IntelligentHub”,”MessageType”:”push”}’


That appears in the device troubleshooting log with a Send Message Requested & Send Message Confirmed


However, if I just change the Udid to my mac’s Udid, then the message does not arrive and it does not appear in the device log. (If I use bad Udid, I get an error)

(Both devices are in the same OG and the user has full console admin permission for now, to rule out “permission” being a cause of problems)


(PS If you’re been looking at the documentation it says “AirWatch Agent” or “AirWatch” for app/msg type. I

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