Getting Username from Events

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just wondering what would be the best approach when dealing Events and getting the username from the Events I’m Searching for:


The below doesn’t seem to be exporting correctly that it doesn’t export the Name.



$deployments = $events | where {$_ -is [Vmware.vim.VmBeingClonedEvent] -or $_ -is [Vmware.vim.VmCreatedEvent]}

foreach($deployment in $deployments){
$dataObj = "" | Select-Object events
$ = $events | Where-Object {$_.ChainID -eq $deployment.ChainID}
$deploymentChains += $dataObj
foreach($chain in $deploymentChains) {
$newVM = ($ 
$Exists = get-vm -name $newVM -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    $deployedvms += $Exists | Where {$deployedvms -notcontains $_} 
    #Do Nothing
} }

foreach($vm in $deployedvms) {
  $cluster = Get-Cluster -VM $vm | Select Name -ExpandProperty Name
  if($cluster -match $regex -or $cluster -match $regex1){
$userevent = Get-VIEvent -Entity $vm.Name -Start $start -Finish $now -MaxSamples 1 | Select UserName -ExpandProperty UserName | where {$_ -is [Vmware.vim.VmBeingClonedEvent] -or $_ -is [Vmware.vim.VmCreatedEvent]}
        $result = "" | select vmName,ESXname,Powerstate,NumCpu,MemoryGB,ProvisionedSpaceGB
        $result.vmName = $vm.Name
        $result.ESXname = $VM.VMHost
        $result.Powerstate = $vm.Powerstate
        $result.NumCpu = $vm.NumCpu
        $result.MemoryGB = $vm.MemoryGB
$result.ProvisionedSpaceGB = $vm.ProvisionedSpaceGB
  $result | add-member -MemberType NoteProperty -name 'Cluster' -Value $cluster
  $result | add-member -MemberType NoteProperty -name 'vCenter' -Value $item
    $result | add-member -MemberType NoteProperty -name 'UserName' -Value $userevent 
  $results += $result  

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