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I am a complete newbe to this stuff. I would rate myself somewhat literate in technical stuff.

This is what I want to do.

I have a legacy computer. The hardware is dieing. It will run for a while and then just freeze.  No BSOD, it just freezes. Will do this randomly. even running in safe mode. Not application program dependent. It will happen running a program or just idling. Time between failures can range from under 15 mins to over a day and a half.

The machine runs Vista. Have we stopped laughing yet? But there are a couple of legacy programs that I can’t move to a different machine and were registered to this particular machine.

What I would like to do is install the VMWare Player 16 on a different computer running win7. I would then mount the drive out of the Vista machine in this computer. I would then run the VMWare Converter on the partition that is the C: drive from the Vista machine to get an image which I could the run with the VMWare Player.

Have I got this right? Any gotchas that stand out?

Are the revs of the two programs appropriate to the OSs I am running?

Will there be an issue with the Vista drive being in a different computer?

I have run some thing like this (I think) with the microsoft virtual machine running XP on win7. Is this close to the same thing?


Thanks in advance or any help or direction.



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