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I am working through this blog post:
From within Postman, I can login successfully and get a session ID. However, with everything else I get “httpNotFound”. For example, simply trying to list the hosts:


    “name”: “”,

    “localizableMessages”: [


            “defaultMessage”: “Not found.”,

            “id”: “”



    “majorErrorCode”: 404


The only references I have found to this problem (or something similar) either point me to the blog post above, tell me to use the FQDN (which I am) or are using have a different problem and rthe solution does not apply. using the same credential, I can log into the VSphere web client and list resources with any problems.

Is there something on the server that I need to active in order to get this to work?


Well, I thought the login was successfull, but I am now getting


“type”: “com.vmware.vapi.std.errors.unauthenticated”


However, I can still login successfully to the Web Client.


if I created a new environment with a different vCenter, I can login and get a session ID.  So I go back to the original environment and still get “unauthenticated”. I now switch back to the enviroment that just worked and am now getting “unauthenticated” for the vCenter that worked 30 seconds ago!  So, I add a new vCenter and get a session ID when I login:



    “value”: “102c88d6e396f36cf1c9d12d53001eb2”



Trying to get a list of hosts I get the “httpNotFound” error. I have tried clicking the “Logout” button and then “Login”. But no matter what, once I am logged in once, everything just gives me “unauthenticated” or “httpNotFound”.


Is this a Postman or vCenter problem?

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