Get-hvlocalsession for multiple users

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Hi guys,


I am trying to make a script which should give session details of multiple users such as username,login time and logout time.


I could get the required details for all the users by below script. But dont know how to get it for multiple users. ie by importing limited no of usernames in a text file.


Get-hvlocalsession | ForEach-Object -Process {

$dtformat = “dd-mm-yy HH:mm”

$ls = $_

” | select @{N=”Emp Id”;E={$ls.NamesData.UserName.Replace(“Domainname”,””)}},

  @{N=”Login Time”;E={$ls.sessiondata.StartTime.ToString($dtformat)}},

  @{N=”Logoff Time”;E={$ls.sessiondata.DisconnectTime.ToString($dtformat)}}



Any help?

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