Fusion “connect to server” feature

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VMWare Fusion > File > Connect to Server… allows me to enter the IP/DNS of another device.


Can this remote device be another Mac running Fusion on my same home network?


When I try this I get the error, “Unrecognized server type, VMware Fusion is not able to determine the type of server…


Or does this feature only work with some other sort of VMware product? I don’t want to spend time troubleshooting this if it’s not ever going to work. If it should work then what is likely the problem? I am able to ARD to the same Mac.


My Mac desktop is under utilized and has much more ram and I’d prefer to run VMs there and control them from my Mac laptop. I know that I can remote to my Mac using ARD or Screen Sharing to do the same things but would prefer to either use an app for this, like Fusion, or a web console interface. (kind of like a vSphere experience)


If this won’t work then is there another virtualization product that runs on Macs, running both Windows and Linux VMs, that will allow this?

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