Fusion and Citrix performance terrible (as in not even able to reboot VM)

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Fusion Version 11.1.0 (13668589)

MBP2018 15 inch (discrete Gfx)

macOS Mojave 10.14.6


VM: is Win10 64bit Pro

6 cores, 6GB

Using remote desktop via Citrix, to a company Win10 machine


If Settings -> Accelerate 3D graphics is selected in VMWare Fusion then the remote desktop session in VMWare Fusion is UNUSABLE

It beachballs so hard that I cannot even send reboot or shutdown, I have to go back to Activity Monitor and kill vmware process


If Settings -> Accelerate 3D graphics is disabled then the remote desktop can be used, but still uses ENORMOUS amounts of CPU resources.


Any plans to fix this? I need the 3D Graphics acceleration for other (non-RDP) applications, so right now VMware Fusion is useless for me.

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