Fusion 12 Pro + Workstation 16 Pro licensing

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I understood from Announcing: VMware Fusion 12 and Workstation 16 – VMware Fusion Blog – VMware Blogs that a licence for Fusion 12 Pro would be basically for 3 installations of Fusion 12 Pro and/or Workstation 16 (on Win/Linux).


So I bought the Fusion 11 Pro -> 12 Pro upgrade, downloaded it, installed it and applied the licence key. So far so good.


Then I downloaded Workstation Pro 16 (“full”) on Windows 10, installed, and provided the licence key.


But when I start it, it starts up as “Workstation Player”.


Have I misunderstood?

– should I get to use the full Workstation Pro version with my Fusion 12 Pro licence?

– or do I only get to use the *fully licensed” Workstation Player version (rather than the free “licensed for persoal use only” version)?
– or what?



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