Fusion 12 – EGPU with usb hub & network and is the GPU limited to AMD?

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This https://blogs.vmware.com/teamfusion/2020/08/announcing-fusion-12-and-workstation-16.html announcement advertises the eGPU functionality for the coming version of Fusion. How does this functionality work? Specifically I have the following questions:


  • Is the entire thunderbolt 3 PCI lane passed through to the virtual machine? Or is it only the eGPU of the connected thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure?
  • Some eGPU enclosures have additional functionality such as a ethernet port and/or a usb hub. Will these additional ports be available to the host or the guest? Will it be possible to allocate USB devices connected to a eGPU enclosure to either the host or the guest?
  • Is the eGPU limited to AMD or can a NVIDIA GPU be passed through to the quest operating system (windows or linux)?
  • If the eGPU supplies power will this allow to charge my MacBook while passing through the GPU from the eGPU enclosure?


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